Jimmy Alapag and Lj Moreno Revealed that they Lost their Fourth Baby Due to Miscarriage

There's a lot of problems that we may face every day, it is a way of measuring our strength and weakness to be able to survive. Sometimes those problems will be a test to our partners and loved ones, especially within ourselves on how we are going to cope and accept every bad or wrong situation may we encounter.

The celebrity LJ Moreno and Jimmy Alapag, share their unfortunate situation, of being a parent. They revealed in their Vlog that they lose their fourth baby to miscarriage. It is really difficult for every mommy to lose their baby, knowing that they consider it as the extension of they're lives.

At their vlog, Jimmy was the one who speaks first to start their vlog. “Today’s episode is going to be a little different than previous vlogs. I know many of you have been following us on our previous announcements," - Jimmy said

“We were supposed to hear the heartbeat but then we couldn’t find one,” LJ said.“The doctor said it could be too early because I have myoma. On my first appointment, the doctor was saying I had myoma in my uterus—not alarming because it was growing the other way, not toward the baby," she added.

When the next appointment came, Lj's doctor said that they should both manage and be opened to accept the possibility of miscarriage of their baby.

“I went back to the next appointment, hoping to hear the heartbeat but we still couldn’t. She (doctor) said we would do everything we could. She said, ‘Manage your expectations and be open to the possibility you can have a miscarriage',” the former actress recalled.

We all know that it is really painful to hear those words from the doctor, knowing that the most important person in your life will be gone too soon.

“They call it a miscarriage. I didn’t bleed at first. Pregnancy stopped, the baby stopped."

In addition, Lj found out that she had three small nodules on thyroid. "But because of this pregnancy, I found out I had three small nodules sa thyroid. I was given medication for that. If this pregnancy didn’t happen, I wouldn’t know that this was happening to me,” she said.

“And I think that’s what’s really important. If you are in your late 30s and early 40s, make sure to get your annual checkup. [We should] take care of ourselves as parents so that we’re around long enough to take care of them," Jimmy added.

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