Jeremy Gulmatico Accused of Stealing His Land Lady's Rice Cooker

Jeremy Gulmatico is a Die-hard Duterte Supporter (DDS) that received backlash and negative comments from the people online. He was from Davao the same as where President Rodrigo Duterte came from. Lots of people got angry after he posted his photo in the newly renovated Manila Bay and he is not wearing any masks. His captions reflect the support he gives for the president and the administration.

The eyes of the public were all on him because even after a netizen reported him on the police and sent his pictures he posted on his Facebook account, the police reasoned out that he cannot go to jail or arrest him because the event was already over and he was not caught on the act. The range of the netizens grew more. His photo was viral and was rounding on the different Facebook pages.

Until one of the sharers revealed that he is a thief, he once stole a rice cooker appliance on his landlady in Dubai. The confession immediately gained the attention of the netizens and now people are continuously bashing him. His posts are now deleted.

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