Janella Salvador was Confirmed Pregnant and Set to Give Birth this October

Following the revelation of the real score between Filipino-British actor, Markus Paterson, and Kapamilya star Janella Salvador them fans are now speculating there is more to it than what they are letting on. A romantic video of the two slow dancing in a living room to the song “Me and Mrs. Jones” and sharing a kiss was posted in Paterson’s Instagram last September 12.

Even Janella shared her affection for Markus on Instagram too, posting a photo of them hugging while in Osaka, captioned "The best hugs in the world from the best potato in the world,”

But a source just popped out saying that the couple is expecting a baby this October. The source even claimed that the couple's relatives and close friends already know what's going on Netizens have gone wild after the information was released anonymously. Also, It gave a hint after hearing Janella's voice in one of Markus' live stream sessions on Facebook, in the background the actress said: "I almost jumped and that's not good. I'm not allowed to jump".

Several netizens were quick to conclude this is because she’s pregnant. It was not the first time the issue was raised. Prior, a netizen directly questioned Janella’s mom if the young star is pregnant. Some also asked if she will be giving birth in the United Kingdom.

None of those involved have released any statement relating to the rumor as of this writing. As of now all of the accusations and theories are not yet confirmed by any of the people involved in the issue. But netizens are now having a strong feeling about the rumor. Some even compared Sofia Andres' pregnancy that remained a secret until she posted a photo of her daughter.

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