Issue of Tim Sawyer and China Roces are Now Settled

In every relationship, there will be a challenge that measures your patience, understanding, and love to your partner, Time may come that it makes you think that your relationship will be over. However, both of you know that no matter how huge the problem was. Only both of you will be the key to fix and make things back to normal. And settle down all the problems that may cause to ruins your relationship.

Not so long ago, when Tim Sawyer and China Roces get viral after they fight or have an argument Live on Facebook. They mention a lot of things and problems they are facing. Also, both of them exchange rants and say unwanted words to each other due to both of them was carried by their emotion and feelings. Their video was watched by many of their followers and gain different actions.

Recently, there's news that they are in the show of Mr. Raffy Tulfo. Tim Sawyer and China Roces seek help, to make all things right. They talk about the issue properly and try to settle it to become okay. Fortunately, through the help of Raffy Tulfo in Action, their problem was solved. The couple was arranged and all things involve even the person was no okay and all issue was clear.

Here is the full video of Tim Sawyer and China Roces in Raffy Tulfo In Action.

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