Husband and Wife Together with the Mistress In the Same Roof; Get bashed by The Netizen

All of us are dreaming to have a beautiful family in the future, not that literally beautiful because we can't deny that there's will be the time that our life will challenge us for us to become a strong person. However, even though we know that having a perfect or good family is slightly impossible, we are still hoping that it will not be the reason to have an unfortunate life.

A lot of people say that the bad luck of each family is having an affair with one of the households. Knowing that it may possibly ruin the happy life of the family you have. Also, it will have a bad effect on the connection between each family member.

Recently, there's an unusual situation that the one family has. In this case, The Wife and her Husband together with the Mistress are inside the one roof. Shockingly to know that the one who complains in the program of Raffy Tulfo In Action is the Mistress, who is currently 3-, months old pregnant.

Josie Eunbank, the wife, admitted that her husband is addicted to girls. For the reason that it has a lot of affairs. On the other side, Shiela said that up until now, Alfred is still addicted to girls.

Shiela Molina, the mistress who complains in the said program. She said that she wants to move out in the house where the married couple, Alfred and Josie Eunbank live. According to her, she couldn't escape from the house because Alfred doesn't want her to live. But the most unbelievable in this situation, that even the legal wife is not allowing the Shiela to move out.

Alfred is fighting for his side, that if Shiela leaves the child in her womb and the rest of the children will get hungry. But due to their situation, it seems that Shiel has a final decision to leave the house

Humor and reactions are flooded from a different netizen who watches the complaint. A lot of netizen gets mad in the action made by the husband. From having an affair and making his mistress it live in the same roof with her wife.

Watch the full video below.

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