Heartfelt Story Of A Catholic Priest Who Passed Away After Saving The Lives of Two Children

Life is very wonderful, no matter how may challenge we may face and lots of upside-down situation. We all know that it is just part of our life and all of that will have happy and good memories created. And as long as we are living lots of memory will create and those happening makes our life even more valuable. However, we can't deny the fact that no matter how good or bad the situation and for as long as we want to live more, we are all going to leave this world in different ways. This is the last thing that may happen in our lives.

There's a heartfelt story of a priest who is doing his best to save the 2 children drowning in a river. Unfortunately, after he saves the lives of those children, he was the one who drowns and he passed away. He is a true hero knowing that those children are not his relatives but he does his best trying to save those children. Father did a very amazing job before he was gone.

The video was uploaded on the social media by a girl name chealseahjacha. In the video, you may see that the body of the father was carrying out of the water by the netizen who is currently in the place. The tragedy that happened to the father is one of the unexpected occurrences. Knowing that he just wants to save the children never thinking the danger may be brought to his life.  An act of Hero who is ready to take risk his own life to save someone.

@chelseahjascha Isang Pari na sinagip buhay ng 2 batang nalulunod pero sya naman ung namatay😢 Napaka' BAYANI nyo po father😢 Condolences po🥺 May u rest in peace😔
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