Group of Friends Arrested after Putting Their Friend Inside a Sack as a Prank

Having a bonding with your friend will ignite the connection between all of you. It is a way of creating memories that may reminisce n the future. All the tricks and plays will remind how your friendship long and close to each other. It made the connection to be strong. However, not all the tricks are good sometimes it makes you in a bad situation. Unfortunately, the 4 friends experience to involve in a bad situation.

Recently, Four youths were arrested yesterday after the three of them agreed to put one of their friend inside a sack. The four suspects were identified as Mark Francis Habagat, 20, of Villa Baretto Subdivision, Barangay Canumay West; Mark Aldrin Arce, 20, of Camilla St. De Castro Subdivision, Barangay Paso De Blas; Chris Bayron, 20, resident of Dela Rosa St. Home Centrum Subdivision, Barangay Mapulang Lupa; and Wynzel Tan, 19, of St. Joseph St. Barangay Bagbaguin, all from Valenzuela City.

 According to Paso De Blas policemen the sub-station 1, PCpl Rosario Cruz, and PCpl Ian Baggay, a concerned citizen approached them while they were patrolling along the west service road in Barangay Paso De Blas. 

The cops were informed about an unidentified person who was placed inside a sack and dumped in the area, who was, later on, discovered that it was suspect Habagat. Upon validation, the three suspects were caught hiding while video recording the sack.

PSSg Regor Germedia, an investigator on the case said the suspects admitted that they were just trying to play a prank on passersby and planned to upload the video on social media.

The police said that the incident caused public alarm. The suspects are now facing charges for violating Article 155 of the Revised Penal Code, which bans inappropriately causing alarm and scandal. They were also issued an Ordinance Violation Receipt for violating city ordinance no. 673 (social distancing), and the mandatory use of quarantine pass.

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