Grandma Belts Out Miley Cyrus' Hit Song 'When I Look At You'

This Pandemic makes us so stress, there's a lot of changes to adapt for you to survive. It's so difficult to do an action if you have a limitation,  especially in what situation we are facing right now. So that there's news that it really affects our mental health since we are not allowed to communicate more and have some fun like we used to, before. However, there are several apps and things that we may do indoor so that the stress and feeling of being lonely or sad may lessen.

Recently, there's viral music of the singer Miley Cyrus titled When I look at you. It really makes noise in the app Tiktok. A lot of the netizens even celebrities does their own cover of the said song. Since the song was in the high pitch lot of the girls have fun trying it, on the other side some are changing the key to make it fit them. And now it really well knew or trending especially to the millennials and new generation.

However, there's a surprising video where an old woman tries to sing the song in the karaoke. You may notice that she has a hard time since its really high but then she nailed it. The Grand Mother was now trending and lots of the viewers were amazed at what she performed. 

Pinoy Kntahan was the page who posted it and captioned by thanking the person who takes the video and shares it in social media. They are Elizabeth Em and Anne Camoras, respectively. Also in the video, you can see that she sing it nicely and reached all the high tones.

Here is the clip of the singing Grand Ma, In a song When I Look at You.

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