This is a Grand Celebration of a Royal Filipino Muslim's Pre-Wedding

In every relationship, there is a goal or dream that they want to achieve. Especially when the time comes that both of them want to be with each other arms. Marriage is an instrument used to make the relationship even stronger. Knowing that both people who sharing love is finally getting the blessing to live under the same roof.

Being engage with someone you really love is a priceless and precious moment for each couple. Imagining the fact that sooner or later you will be married to each other.

Fascinating all the good and possible moments to create. Recently, there's a pictorial of an Engagement of  Royal Filipino Muslims. It really gives a sweet and admiring photo for every netizen. Knowing how elegant the couple was.

The photo was the Pre-wedding event of Al-shadat Hassan Abdurajak, a Police Lieutenant, and Congresswoman Bai Rihan Mangudadatu Sakaluran, a royal princess of a Tausug tribe from Sultan Kudarat in Mindanao.

 The couple and their family celebrate it with traditional but Grand celebration and that makes the event extra special for everyone. It really admirable in a way that they preserved and still use their culture, it makes others inspire and amaze in a particular way that they gathered that especial event.

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