Gladys "Chuchay" Guevarra was Robbed by Her Boyfriend

We see our relationship with our girlfriend or boyfriend to last a lifetime, we engaged relationship and bond to them because we see them as our future partners, our potential husband or wife. We fully invest ourselves in them. That’s why when they betray us or do unexpected things, we get hurt especially when you really don’t expect that they are the ones who will break your trust. In the live video of a comedian and host Gladys Guevarra. She revealed something that shocked the netizens.

The former comedian used to Perform in comedy bars it was one of Gladys' livelihoods, but since Zirkoh and Klownz closed, she decided to sell snacks, such as yema, cheese puto, and salted eggs online. For her, it is a great achievement that her customers enjoy the dishes she makes and cooks herself. 

This became her source of income since the pandemic, together with her boyfriend they worked on their business. But according to her live video, they had a misunderstanding that made them decide to separate ways. Later on, she was shocked when all of their advanced payment and confirmed orders in the month of September got robbed. She luckily recovered all of them except the payments from September 3, 2020, that costs 9,100 pesos.  Her ex-boyfriend messed up their office and deleted their system, the only thing that she is holding, are the printed records of their customers.

She admits she didn’t know how to return the payment from all the canceled orders because there are no details from the last record she’s holding, except the name, address, contact number, and mode of payment. Gladys confessed she did the life to explain it all at once and expressed how the situation is unbelievable for her because from the longest time she is in the industry she didn’t ruin her reputation when it comes to money. She also added that 9,100 peso is just a small amount, but the thing that hurts her the most is that her trusted person did that to her and even told her “sumaya ka sana mag-isa”.

She even explained how her ex-boyfriend robbed the money, its because he convinced her to let the payment pass by in his boyfriend's bank account because that way, they could easily monitor all of the transactions.

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