Filipino Fans of Korean Culture Started a Trend Calling it CancelPH

Despite the trending that created by many Filipinos, #cancelKorea. Lots of the netizens also contradict the said issue. Knowing that It is related to the Criticism made by the Koreans to the Filipina Tiktoker together with the citizens f the Philippines.  However, some of the Filipinos disagree with the action made by their fellow citizens.

Recently, the hashtag Cancel Philippines is spreading on the Twitter. Some of the people use it to contradict the #ancelKOREA. One of the reasons is they said that Lots of Filipino hs a Toxic mind. They say that there also a Dicriminatiohn between us, Filipinos. Starting from the LGBTQ and other Issues. This hashtag was started by Filipino who are agree that Filipino is doing the same as Korean.

Now many Filipinos are exchanging thoughts in the said issue. Other suggested that why do not cancel both countries, knowing that they are both doing the same and now twitter are flooding due to the rants made by the netizens pertaining to the issue

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