Famous foreign Vlogger Asked President Duterte to Avoid Banning Facebook

Project Nightfall is created by Nas Daily team member and best friend Agon Hare. Agon shares his story of how he got started with video production. He gathered almost half a million followers on his Facebook channel and the path that led him to travel the world and producing videos for Nas Daily until he decided to create one on his own.

His videos try to inform and inspire people from the story and issues around the globe. From one of his video content, he discussed President Duterte's last speech threatening Facebook to ban in the country after taking down political advocacy of the administration. 

Project Nightfall narrowed down the possible effects if the Philippines will ban Facebook. It will cause a global domino, encouraging other political leaders to control what's on people's phones.

He cleared that there is nothing wrong with banning a certain application if it concerns the security of the people. However, if banning Facebook just for personal and emotional interest, negative events may occur. He further explained how the application is helping the Filipinos to survive this Pandemic.

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