Family of the Ex-Girlfriend of the Viral Soldier in KMJS Debunk his Story

Kapuso mo Jessica Soho shared a heartfelt Love story of the Two Person. According to the source. The man name Zef Juan is a Police and ready to go to Zamboanga for a task. His Girlfriend named Rachele do an effort to see him for a last-minute before he goes. In the post of Zef Juan, it really shows how much he is happy to see his love of his life after a long time.

He even posted their reunited photo to show how he loved her girlfriend Rachele. That is the reason why KMJS  featured their story. The photo easily went viral because both of them had great chemistry.

However, behind those sweet gestures and undying love, there's a shocking revelation that is now trending in the Social Media. Some said that Zef has a partner and he cheated. The issue is all about Zef was cheated on his Ex-girlfriend for Rachele, his new girlfriend.

There's a viral post of his ex-girlfriend. This girl is the one who's been with him in the first place. Having the same dream and plan to achieve it together. Unfortunately, their relationship ended because his man cheated. In her post, he proudly says that they achieve their goals in a separate way.

Also, there's a shocking comment that makes all the issues clear. A comment from the mother of his ex-girlfriend.

"Hahahaha. parang naaawa tuloy ako sa bago mong gf. Sana di mo siya paglaruan. Kasi sila pa ngayon ng babaeng pulis tapos kayo na din pala. I thank god na naghanap siya ng way para makawala sayo and my daughter is very happy right now... Thank you for hurting her so much.. Tapos Iniba mo pa yung storya na sabi mo ang anak ko pa talaga ang unang nagcheat sayo. Tsk tsk tsk.. Anyway, thankyou sir roebert sa lahat ng pain na binigay mo sa anak ko tapos ikaw happy happy lang tapos pa'chat chat kapa sa babae mo ngayon.. Mabuti nalang nakilala ka ng buong pamilya namin . we the immediate family consider you as a big nightmare for almost 7 yrs. Sana maging happy ka kasi muntik mo nang sirain ang ang buhay ng anak ko sa lahat ng pasakit na binigay mo. but she's okay right now . clear the name of my daughter"- The translated comment.

In this situation, it proves that there is no Perfect Relationship. Also, in every relationship, there will be a flaw that can be the reason to destroy the love and connection.

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