Em Kaisaya Told Her Story About ShinBoo's Blackmails

Em “Kaisaya” Dangla, a professional gamer and shoutcaster, opened up about the sexual harassment experience which involved other esports personalities. After 2 years of silence, Kaisaya finally raised her voice about the injustice of the sexual harassment she experienced to Zeus after he shared a private video of her and her ex-boyfriend Aaron Laxamana.

Kaisaya told that last February 2, 2019, when she learned that Zeus disseminated the video. Immediately, she filed a police report at Camp Crame last February 3, 2019. But nothing happened because all of the possible testifiers she gathered backed out. She even admits how it affected her mental health. She forced herself to recover silently and not post anything because she does not want to collect sympathy, she wants justice. 

She undergoes a psychiatrist but did not further continue the session because it was too expensive. She just stayed resilient even if she wants to end her life, she knows it will do no better. She stayed strong for those people around her, especially to her child.

Now that they all live peacefully, she was shocked when one of Zeus' friends posted an argument and even brought the issue years ago. Kaisaya cleared her intention about posting the story years ago. She just wants to free herself and empower other women to stand up for justice. She does not want revenge because she firmly believes in karma. Kaisaya ended her post saying "I am now free".

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