Ej Laure's statements Denying Her Pregnancy with Bugoy's Baby resurfaced Social Media

Former child star Bugoy Cariño and athlete Ennajie “EJ” Laure has been the talk of the town years ago after netizens and tabloid newspapers in the Philippines claimed that they are expecting a child. Cariño is still 15 years old at that time, and Laure was 20 years old when the issue popped out, they used their respective social media accounts to respond and deny the speculations of the people regarding the controversy.

Cariño was the first one to express his thoughts on the issue by posting on his Twitter account saying “Hahahahaha. Tatawanan ko na lang kayo,”

and even posted a photo on his Instagram story which he captioned, “Praying for those people who have nothing to do with their lives.”

Meanwhile, Laure, who is known for being the captain of the UST Golden Tigresses volleyball team, debunked the issue through her Facebook account saying "Buntis daw ako? Buti kayo alam nyo na buntis ako, ako kasi tyaka parents ko di namin alam, godbless" Laure also quashed the rumor that she was suffering from a chronic shoulder injury.

“December buntis daw ako, tapos January buntis din ako, tapos March buntis na naman? Jusko 3 months na akong naging buntis so triplets pala ‘to?” she said.
But now after years of their denial concerning the controversy they were involved. Laure posted on her Facebook account a photo of her together with Bugoy and their daughter as she holds a birthday cake, and captioned it "And yes we are happy".

Netizens are now coming back to their old posts regarding the pregnancy rumor and mocking them for their denial years ago.

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