Did Gerald Anderson bring Julia Barretto to his Private Resort in Zambales?

Keeping a lot of personal things even happening in private is not wrong. Those strategies make your life at peace knowing that the matters between the two-person will be controlled only by them. Les issue less problem, and making life a bit easy. However, it is really difficult especially when lots of people it watching your action.

Gerald Anderson and Julia Barreto have seen together at the Private resort in Zambales, owned by Gerald. This issue is the newest hot topic in Social media. Knowing that Gerald and Julia were had love rumors. Some of the netizens say that they saw Gerald together with Julia in the resort spending time.

Julia is now 23 years old and Gerald was 31 years old. One of the netizens took a video where there's a man with a similar figure to Gerald and a long-haired woman look like Julia. Base on the recorded video, the 2 Person was outside the glasshouse and viewing the beautiful scenery of the beach. The person who took the video was the long time personal assistant of the actor Gerald Anderson, Jalal Laidan. But the most shocking and uncleared is the word that captioned the video, "Anniversary".

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