Daniel Padilla Scolded His Younger Sister Because of Her Clothes

The former member of the band Parking 5 Daniel Padilla is also known for his role as Gino Dela Rosa on the ABS-CBN network series Princess and I. His film roles include She's Dating the Gangster and Crazy Beautiful You and many more. He made his entertainment debut at age 16 on the series Gimik 2010. Daniel is the son of actors Rommel Padilla and Karla Estrada. He has a sister named Carmella and half-siblings from both his mother and his father's other relationships. One of his half-brothers is JC Padilla.

Daniel is the eldest among them. And, in one of the interviews with his younger sister Carmella Ford in a Television Show 'Magandang Buhay'. Hosts asked Carmella how Daniel is as a brother to them. Carmella shared that his 'Kuya' is strict because he doesn't want them to wear clothes that reveal too much skin. He even said that his brother is caring and stood up as their father ever since. In the end, Daniel managed to say that he's just doing the best that he could despite his flaws to be a good brother and son to his family.

His mother Karla Estrada who was with him at the interview was moved to witness her children appreciating one another. Karla is always vocal about how much she appreciated Daniel's efforts for their family and how lucky she is as a mother to have a son like him.

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