Creepy Photobomb Caught In a Girl's Photo

When we go on trips especially on our vacation, we always took a lot of photographs in every corner of the place. Some of us wanted to be reminded once they saw the image. They wanted to bring home something that would remind them of the place they went and remember how their trips ended and what places they were able to reach. Most especially in these modern times, whereas technology is necessary and having a camera is accessible.

This is what a woman named Mirah Sanchez did when she once reached Ilocos Sur, specifically in Vigan City. She posted a throwback photo from her trip from the said location in her Facebook account. Yet her throwback is kinda unique because she made sure to notice a photobomber from a place she was taken a picture. The first photo was the original shot, next was the cropped image where a leg that was seemed to be wounded and alike from the horror movies we used to watch was seen behind her, standing from the staircase.

She simply captioned her photo saying "throwback lang nung nag punta kaming Vigan hahahahahahahaa". May reacted to her post that it's gone viral and now people are horrified and creeped out from her post. There were no specific explanation from the photo she uploaded but we are sure that she was able to bring home an unforgettable image to look back on reminding her trip to Vigan City

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