Conor McGregor Violently Threatens To Kick Manny Pacquiao and Risk Disqualification

Conor McGregor claimed he is considering whether or not to kick Manny Pacquiao and accept the penalty that would come along with his disqualification. McGregor returned to the UFC after losing to Mayweather but lost his grudge fight against bitter rival Khabib Nurmagomedov in 2018. He then took 15 months off before returning with a 40-second demolition of Donald Cerrone early this year.

Both Conor and Manny claimed they are close to agreeing on a fight, which would hold in the Middle East, for late this year or in 2021. In an interview, Conor admits how he wanted to take his last opponent's head or give a good boot in the neck and said he would totally settle for the penalty and disqualification. 

Conor added he is considering it to his new opponent Manny Pacquiao but depending on Manny's bitter coach Freddie Roach, then he'll eventually decide according to him. 

The coronavirus pandemic put paid to his plans to fight three times in 2020 however, McGregor 'retired' for the third time in four years, because he thinks there are no worthy opponents. And he admitted he is resisting crossing over into boxing again and rather fight with MMA. 

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