Coleen Garcia Finally Gave Birth To Their First Baby

In every couple, the most memorable happenings are when the time that they will be gathered as one or hat we call marriage. Knowing that there love is finally sacred and live in one roof. Also, another one is when the time comes that they will have their baby. This time the family will be extended through the for their child or children.

Being another is the most amazing milestone in every girl's life. Due to the giving of birth to the fruit of the love that you and your partner shared. Recently, we all surprised when the celebrity couple Coleen Garcia and Billy Crawford announce to the public that they are now parents. Coleen also shows off her 9 mos baby, earlier this month. Both of the couples seem so very excited to see their baby.

And now, after a few weeks, Coleen Garcia finally gave birth to their baby. On a Facebook page name VhongNavarro.Ph, they share the process of Giving Birth of Coleen Garcia to their first baby. In the picture, you may see that Coleen is done with Water Birth Delivery together with the support of her husband, Billy, and the Health Expert.

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