Coleen Garcia Crawford Shares how Grateful she is for her Husband's Support

On September 10, Coleen Garcia and her husband Billy Crawford welcomed their first child whom they named Amari. According to the couple and the photos they posted online Coleen delivers baby through water birth at home. “Unmedicated water birth at home!” Such was how the actress best described in an Instagram story how she delivered her firstborn with Billy.

While it has been an occasion full of joy, Coleen admits in her September 13 Instagram stories that the transition into motherhood has its share of personal challenges. She expressed her thoughts on her Instagram account saying "I knew postpartum recovery was not gonna be easy & I knew breastfeeding was gonna be challenging, but wow, I never anticipated how hard it would be to go through both at the same time.

"I wish I could be stronger asap & move around better. It's been a tough few days, but also so so incredibly rewarding. Thank you yo everyone who's been messaging us & sending gifts! we are so grateful! I'm so sorry I haven't been able to get back to anyone yet, but in a few days, I'll be stronger & have more time to be back on my phone for sure! For now, just taking all this time to recover & tend to our little blessing. "

"I'm now at my most vulnerable right now, but you always remind me that what you see is my strength & not my weakness. I can't tell you how much I appreciate you, love. I always have, but you've been on another level, taking care of both & Amari the way you do. I am so blessed that it's you I get to do this with. You both make this all more than worth it. Thank you for the never-ending patience, all the words of encouragement, & for being so positive through all of this. Thank you for always speaking life into me. I'd be so lost without you."

The married couple faces new challenges together with the new member of the family. All of their fans and netizens are wishing them well and they expressed how proud they are for Coleen being a brave woman and mother and to Billy being a loving and supporting father. This new phase in their life is will bring their family even closer and strengthen their relationship.

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