ChooxTv Admits Idolizing Streamer Wearing Their Underwears Only

In the video streaming industry, where people are playing specific video games live on Facebook is one of the mainstream this year. Many people enjoy this kind of entertainment because they could also get techniques and tips from the video streamer, or the stream is entertaining itself. Even celebrities, Vloggers, and Influencers entered the Video Streaming industry.

Edgar Dumali, popularly known as ChooxTv is a famous Video Streamer who plays a Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA) posted a screen capture of a woman who also video stream on Facebook, only wearing her underwear and a sleeveless white undershirt. ChooxTv captioned it by saying the girl is her new idol in the video streaming industry. 

ChooxTv added on the comment section, that he would also wear the same outfit if no one will watch his videos anymore. Many people find his sense of humor funny and laugh at his post, one of his teammates even suggested that those kind of clothes should be their uniform for a tournament.

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