Chadwick Boseman said he can't do Black Panther 2 Because He'll be Dead by that Time

Marvel’s Black Panther star Chadwick Boseman has lost after battling cancer since 2016. He wasn’t able to survive colon cancer. Based on the official statement released, Chadwick died in his home with his wife and his family, however, the 43-year-old actor didn’t officially announce his situation before his death to his fans and co-workers.

Chadwick was bullied and called names after he was seen losing his weight. The internet even called him out as “Crack Panther” when he lost weight fighting colon cancer. He didn't want peoples’ pity.

So he kept his battle to himself and his family. He even decided to delete his videos and pictures because of what happened and the cruelty on social media. On an interview with Chadwick way back, a reporter asked him "What about Black Panther 2? Anything?" surprisingly the actor responded saying "I'm dead", the interviewer laugh and answered back "No, We are not ready for you to be dead Chadwick" Boseman shrugged and said "But I am. I am dead".

As we all know, Chadwick did the Black Panther film while he is under medication with his illness and shockingly he knew what will happen to him even before it came to him.

Boseman’s passing brought grieve not just o his loved one but also to the people who loved him. Boseman's first starring role in a film came as Cleveland Browns running back Ernie Davis in "The Express: The Ernie Davis Story" in 2008.

He gained more plaudits as the star of another sports biography in 2013. But Boseman found his biggest box office success and worldwide star status as King T'Challa, the titular superhero Black Panther, in the Marvel film series.

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