Buknoy Glammur Throws Shade to Awra Briguela for Violating the Quarantine Protocols

We are still facing the Pandemic, a lot of protocols are still needed to obey. The government and Health experts are continuously advising that we should always practice social distancing, also it is implemented that wearing a facemask and face shield is now mandatory to prevent the rapid transmission of the virus. Some of the places are now under the GCQ and MGCQ but it still prohibited to go outside and only allows few people in gatherings.

Not so long ago, we are all witnessed how the two Vloggers throw an argument to each other pertaining to the Pandemic Protocols. Awra Bigulea and Buknoy Glammur make a noise in the Social Media. The exchanging of rants pointing out each other. A lot of netizens actively engaged in the issue, other was giving there own reaction or opinion.

Recently, Buknoy seems to do revenge on Awra this time. He criticizes the action made by Awra. Seems Awra was having a party in a private place together with his friend. However, Buknoy never make passed he tweeted about Awra.

This time Buknoy do a first move in the argument. He points out that Awra didn't wear his face mask or Faceshield also they are not doing a Social Distancing. In the photo, you may be seen that Awra is singing.

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