Bugoy Cariño Defended Himself Againgst the Bashers on Social Media

Former child star Bugoy Cariño and athlete Ennajie “EJ” Laure has been the talk of the town years ago after the media's speculations that they are expecting a child. When the issue popped out, Cariño is still 15 years old at that time, and Laure was 20 years old, Both of them denied the issue regarding the controversy. They even expressed themselves through their respective social media accounts.

But now after years of their denial from the issue they were involved. Laure posted on her Facebook account a photo of her together with Bugoy and their daughter as she holds a birthday cake, and captioned it "And yes we are happy".

They became viral, Bugoy finally stood up from the issue through his twitter account. He tweeted that "Opo alam namin na may mali sa ginawa namen, pero para ijudge kami basta basta? Ibang usapan na po yun... hindi nyo po alam buong story namin. atleast ako kahit bata pa pinanindigan ko lahat ng responsibilidad ko at hindi ko po tinakbuhan." He replied, after a vlogger tweeted talking about their issue.

Netizens are now coming back to their old posts regarding the pregnancy rumor and mocking them for their denial years ago. Some are even bashing Ej and accusing her as a pedophile and ephebophile and, citing her for grooming Bugoy.

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