Body Shamers Attacked Ylona Garcia's Photo on Social Media

In this generation, feminism became prevalent. People use different platforms to speak up and raise their voices. Because we can't deny how unequal men and women are, in the eyes of society. Women were bullied for their flaws because the media always projects women flawless and perfectly good looking. Now that men and women who stand for feminism are now existing to fight for their rights and to normalize flaws into women. That's why in a recent post of a Kapamilya actress Ylona Garcia. Where she posted a photo of her half body mirror shot.

Unmannered Filipinos came all along into her post commenting inappropriate words saying "law law" "law is law" by an account named Troy and USoar EDtama added "Ligo din may galis ka na" lastly a Facebook account named Xcel Duane said "Akala ko meme, hindi kasi pantay ang dede nya".

Lots of netizens are hating them because of focusing on Ylona's uneven boobs, which is completely normal to every women's body, and insulting her physical appearance through one image, which is completely normal to every women's body.

An account named Xyneah Lee posted those three rude accounts bullying women for her natural body. The post says


"Akala ko meme, hinde kasi pantay yung dede nya"

Anong klaseng pag iisip yan? I'm not even gonna cover your names, panindigan niyo yang pinagsasabi niyo. Disgusting."

Men and women are normal for not having a perfect body, but insulting your neighbor because you believe too much on the media and not knowing what's normal and not is wrong. We all have our imperfections, no one deserves to be bullied because of that

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