Bela Padilla's Remark on PLDT went Viral after PLDT Resolve the Internet Problem of Liza Soberano

The Kapamilya actress Liza Soberano went viral on Twitter after she vented her frustration over Converge’s poor internet speed saying "Converge really needs to start fixing their internet speed. I am an unhappy customer. Can’t even answer the phone whenever we call. How unprofessional." A few days after, PLDT came to the rescue and hooked Soberano up with a Fiber internet with a speed of up to 300 Mbps.

The result of this initiative: free publicity and the white knight image. “Okay so @pldt came to my house yesterday and hooked me up with the best internet I have ever experienced in my whole 5 years of living in this house. 300 MBPS. What a lifesaver. Lag? I don’t know her,” Soberano said.

After Liza Soberano's tweet about the good service provided by PLDT to her went viral, fellow actress Bela Padilla called out the company. She joked on Twitter asking if they could also fix her internet connection. She retweeted PLDT’s comment on Liza’s post and said “PLDT, bekenemen! My PLDT wifi doesn’t reach 1 MBPS for downloading and/or uploading every time I test it…ONE.” PLDT responds to Bela Padilla’s tweet. They told her that they will “resolve this in no time.”

However, the development in Soberano’s internet connection did not bid well with the rest of PLDT customers. They said the telco company needs to step up their game. After PLDT “saved” the young actress’s internet woes, the netizens react to the fast action of PLDT to the actress. How will the telco company resolve this issue after fixing just one from millions of complaints they received from their poor internet connection.

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