Another Ex-Girlfriend of Zef Juan Revealed herself After Zef Became Viral Online

A policeman went viral for posting a picture of him and his girlfriend after meeting her for the first time. He uploaded it on his social media account. The post went viral and has gained lots of attention. As a result, they were given a chance to tell their love story on a television show on the GMA network "Kapuso Mo, Jessica Soho" popularly known as KMJS.

Zef the Policeman and his ex-girlfriend separated after six years and his past girlfriend appeared. And revealed that there were changes from the true story compared to what Zef told to the media.

It also led to the resentment of Zef's ex-girlfriend's mother. The mother told that Zef's Ex-Girlfriend developed their life and dreams for each other for six years however, Zef left. Still, the mother wishes Zef and his new girlfriend to be happy. The new ex who appeared was named Angelyn Quieta Villanueva, who jokingly posted that she might be added from Zef's statement to the show.

The girl even posted the screenshot of their past conversations. And even posted on her account saying "Kung nagpatuloy, (referring to her relationship with Zef)ako dapat ang na sa #KMJS". Ever since the couple's story had the chance to be featured on the show.

Exes were showing up as they reveal pieces of the truth about the policeman's background when it comes to women and how Zef manipulated the story in the television show.

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