An 18-year-old Teen was Arrested for Stabbing her Mother 79 Times in the Neck

Included in the ten commandments is honor your father and mother and don't kill your neighbor. Killing is a crime, an action against the bible, and the law of the state. These kinds of crimes have a heavy punishment. This is what happened to an 18-year old woman named Isabella Guzman in Colorado. She disrespects her parents by killing her own mother.

She is now facing first-degree murder charges after allegedly stabbing her mother in the face and neck 79 times. The judge informed her that she will be facing one count of first-degree murder and two counts of crime of violence, a sentence-enhancing charge.

The reason behind the hideous crime is about her father Robert Guzman talked to her daughter about her rebelliousness, everything seems to went fine, not until Robert saw her daughter holding a knife. According to the reports She stabbed her mother in the face 31 times and added 48 times to the neck. During the crime scene, her father was on the toilet calling 911.

Isabella went to a psychological examination and revealed that she was suffering from paranoid schizophrenia and told that the 18-year-old has shown obvious symptoms of hallucination. In the end, she was sentenced not guilty by reason of insanity plea. She will serve 27 years of imprisonment and after that, she will live with her grandmother. At the beginning of her hearing, Guzman was smiling and made faces at the courtroom camera.

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