A Vlogger Accused Xyriel Manabat of being "Retokada" From Her Latest Photos

Xyriel Manabat became viral after posting a full-body photo. Netizens started to notice her body figure and began to harass the late child actress sexually. There are lots of lewd comments regarding her body. Perverts started to mob her pictures.

A new vlogger named Kc Elle reacted to the issue. According to her, it's Xyriel's fault to be objectified by other people. If only she didn't wear clothes that would emphasize her figure, maybe that would not happen. She even scolded Xyriel for pushing people to adjust for her convenience, that she should also change the way she wears clothes.  Kc even described Xyriel's clothes as 'malaswa' and accused the actress that she has undergone plastic surgery.

The 16-year-old actress just started to make her Instagram account after she graduated from high school. Now that she appeared and many were shocked by her transformation. People are starting to be more curious about her. Xyriel even admits that she disappears from showbiz because she wanted to focus on her studies.

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