A Video of Korean Man Disrespecting the Flag of the Philippines

A few days ago when the trending made by many Filipinos and Koreans about he Hashtag pertaining to both country, #cancelKorea, and #CancelPhillippines. Lots of the netizens local and international witnessed it.  Knowing that It is related to the Criticism made by the Koreans to the Filipina Tiktoker together with the citizens of the Philippines.

Amid this situation, it really gives a realization for everyone. Also, the Filipina Tiktoker name Bella Poarch, saying her sorry about the issue or the wrong she's done. Lots of Korean bashed her including all the citizens and the country of t5he Philippines. They also said that the Philippines is a poor country, non-educated, and short people. This kind of discrimination didn't get missed by the Filipinos.

However, recently there's another video uploaded by a Tikto9k account name @rjay.baldovino9. In the video you may see how the Man disrespects the Flag of the Philippines. At first, He also insulted it by spitting out his saliva intentionally and he shows a paper with a Flag of The Philippines drawn in it, then suddenly tear it apart. He also steps on the flag. Lots of the Filipino Netizens get mad and pissed off at the action he takes, on how he easily insulted the important and respectful things represent our beloved Country.

Here is the Clip of the said Video.

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