A Tribute of A Fan For Lloyd Cadena Viral In Social Media

Lloyd Cadena a vlogger that inspired a lot of people bu his kindness and a soft heart he does a lot of works that make people laugh and love him. Lloyd does much help for those people who were in need. Also, he gave inspiration to everyone through his advice about personal challenges, how to cope with it. Unfortunately, He passed away this past few days, due to cardiac arrest.

Lots of netizens even celebrity delivered their condolences. And sympathy to the family that Llyod left in sorrow. He also gains in tribute for every close friend he has. A lot of his followers got shocked by the sudden death of the Unproblematic Vlogger. Llyod was literally be missed by everyone, for the reason that he has a kind heart and such an inspiration to everyone.

Recently, there's a post from one of his fans named Alex Avellanida Fernandez. According to him, this is his Tribute to his Idol.  He does a face art from makeup, Alex forms a face of Lloyd in his face. However, a lot of the netizens get laughed at in his work.  Some of the netizens bashed him by his work, saying that it really doesnt5 look like Lloyd.

"A tribute makeup fan art for KWEEN LC | Lloyd Cafe Cadena👑😌❤️ Thankyou so much for being an inspiration for every aspiring Youtuber in our country like me, Thankyou also for helping our Kababayans.😭❤️ Sobrang nakakabigla pagkawala mo. 😭💔 This is for you!❤️💯 Ps: He is a vlogger and I am a Vlogger too, Im not impressing you but I am impressed and inspired by him. 💯❤️ Pps: Not so perfect, but I gave my 100% best just for him. 🥺💯 I am pretty sure that he is happy for this.❤️ Duration: 3 hours✅ #NoHATE #TheArtOfAlex"

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