A Mysterious Woman Paid Real Money but Becomes Leaf when Grab driver came Home

 A passenger who allegedly paid for the grab driver he was riding in is now trending, because after that passenger got off, the driver noticed in his wallet that the money she paid had turned into leaves. Netizens have lots of theories because of the mystery money that became leaves.

Every night, our brave Grab Drivers are impressive with their hard work. working at night means risking their safety because they do not know what's out their yet still choose to work for their family. At this time a Grab Driver in Malaysia did not expect what happened to him.

A woman allegedly rode with him and sat in the backseat of the car. Unexpectedly, the driver noticed that the woman on board was laughing. From the moment he picked her up and while traveling, she was laughing non-stop even though there was no reason to laughed at and he also did not notice that the woman was talking on her cellphone. The driver became nervous and confined but he continued driving as long as the woman was not doing anything wrong to him. When the woman got down she paid him $ 2. The driver took the payment and put it in his wallet. 

When the driver came home he saw his wallet with fewer earnings than he should have and only saw 8 pieces of leaves. Netizens say the grab driver was a victim of so-called hypnosis. It is said that a woman may have the power to throw spells to make money. Magic may be considered as an example of modus or 'budol budol' where it is used to fool people.

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