A Lucky Pinoy was Chosen to be the Partner of Lexi Lore in her new Video

Many of our Filipinos want to be famous and be with their idol in one video. Who wouldn't love it especially if they were so popular with the video? This is probably an "achievement" for us. The only thing our idol notices is that it feels good, can it still be in the video?

In the last couple of months, Lexi Lore is searching dor a new partner for her upcoming video. After a long wait, Lexi found a suitable partner and he was a Filipino. A netizen named Mec Mec the person which Lexi handpicked. He went viral soon after Lexi posted that he was now able to continue her new video.

As for Mec Mec, he was very proud that he was picked and even told Lexi Lore that this opportunity would not come to waste. He even assures Lexi Lore that the video will not be the last video of both of them.

Netizens were happy about this and they are very proud of Mec Mec because among people in the world a Filipino was chosen to be part of the upcoming video of Lexi. They are advising Mec Mec to do his best and he should satisfy Lexi Lore. Because this is a one-time opportunity

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