A Ghost Child Caught Wandering Inside A Mall in a Video

We all know the haunted story, and all of us make to be afraid in the dark, thinking that maybe there's invisible things or ghosts with us. However, there's a lot of movies created to visualize that scary story that we didn't know if they really exist. It always set in a place where the surrounding are dark and a lot of trees places around or a house that is surely old and look haunted.

Lots of story and rumors about this is spreading. Knowing that if people see the strange pictures the considered and correlated with scary photos. And many people created or make a fake story just to catch the attention of anyone. However, even if that's the case, we cant assume that they exist. Sometimes, there's an explanation that proves they literally exist.

Recently, there's a viral photo of a kid walking around the mall that is considered as a ghost. It was captured by a random netizen. They are all alarmed about seeing this strange event. Due to it looks like the Kid was alone and the places she goes to is strange. She even rides to the escalator alone, also when you follow where the child goes you may notice that it is leading to a place that is no one is in there. Taking note that it seems around in the evening and a few people are inside the mall. However, lots of netizens didn't believe that the Kid was Ghost.

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