A Father Who Abandoned His Child Together With Her 16-year-old Girlfriend

When both parents decide to separate ways and end their relationship,  the child will go to the mother's custody while the father will continue to support their children's financial needs. But usually, after the separation, some father is cutting the connection and abandoning their children permanently. One of the struggles of a single mother because they find it hard to take care of their kids especially if it's still an infant and seek a job.

Trisha Jero is one of those women who encounter this situation. She posted the father of her child named Ed Cu with its 16-year-old girlfriend, who team up to outcast her. According to her post, she just wants the support that they agreed on for their children's expenses. She even compared how Ed can buy a cake for his girlfriend but does not give financial support for their child. She even expressed her frustrations because they even created a rumor about her, chasing for Ed and how she tries to take its attention. Ed even told that he doesn't care for the child anymore and he does not want to connect with the child any longer.

Trisha even seeks the help of Raffy Tulfo that has a Television show named Raffy Tulfo In Action. She said that all she wanted is to help replace the child's surname. Trisha even revealed that the current girlfriend of his ex-boyfriend is one they consider as family. 

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