A Catholic Private School is Expose after Using Dirty Name

There are numerous catholic private schools here in the Philippines that are still operating. It all started when the Spaniard colonizes the Philippines. They blend education and follow strict religious practices. That is why a netizen was shocked and even exposed how a catholic private school used dirty names as an example for their exam.

Netizen Reyson Lee posted this module of his Grade 11 brother at a private Catholic school containing some "dirty names." Reyson even explained that he is not blaming the Department of Education. He even cleared his intention, which is to raise awareness about the content with double meaning. Even some of the students who saw his post approached him and said that they experienced the same thing. The post reached the school, and now teachers are doing house-to-house operations to take back the specific module.

Some netizens took the post as a joke. Some are defending the content of the module that contains dirty names such as Pining Garcia, Abdul Salsalani, Malou Wang, Tina Moran. As of today, the Department of Education cleared the module produced didn't undergo the review center. Therefore the DepEd excludes itself about the issue. The module was self-produced by the Catholic School in Zambales.

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