9-Year-Old Boy Walks 10km to Help Mom by Working as a Mascot

A 9-year-old boy works as mascot to help his mother – and that meant walking 10 km everyday. Though his situation is difficult and tiring, the young boy said that he is happy doing it because he knows that it would help to lessen his mother’s burden. The kid was identified as Rehan, 9 years old who lives in Indonesia with his mother. 

Though his mom has a job, her earning is not enough to provide for their family’s needs. That's why Rehan decided to help out by working as a mascot. He earns good money from the job. He Wears different costumes each day. The young boy walks to for about 10 km. He picks a good spot on the side where he could entertain drivers stuck in traffic or workers in nearby offices. He lives far, Resan admits that he often leaves home at dawn to reach the spot before it is too hot for him to walk. 

This gives him plenty of time to work and earn enough to start walking home by mid afternoon so he could still play a game of football with his friends. Resan even admits he receives enough to meet their daily needs and allows him to have some money left for his school fees which he “deliberately sets aside” to ensure he could go to school. He also earn enough to buy rice on his way home and pay for the rental fees for their home.

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