Youtuber goes Viral after a Random Motorcycle Rider Forces her to Ride with Him

A Youtuber named Pia shared a video of her asking for help, trying to prove that there still people who're willing to help anyone who needs it. Pia is looking for a rider who is open to give help to someone in need. She will give an NHK helmet to the person whois willing to help her.

Pia will pretend that she needs help because she lost her wallet and she's not able to pay for a ride. She asks two motorcycle riders for help.

"Kuya kanina pa po kasi ako naglalakad, nawawala po kasi Yung wallet ko. So Kailangan kong makisabay Sana, eh Wala na akong pang Grab eh." Pia asks the first rider. Suddenly the rider responded, "Okay lang, pag-usapan na lang natin". Pia immediately refused the help offered by the first rider.

After a while, the first rider comes back to insist on his help for Pia. But still, Pia refused the help he offered.

After some time, Pia spotted another rider to ask for help. She asks the same question.

The rider asks Pia, "saan po dyan?" " hanggang doon po kung saan pwede po akong makakuha ng taxing masasakyan ko hanggang bahay namin. Okay lang po ba na makisabay?" The rider helped Pia without any doubt, he immediately said that itt's okay for him to help Pia. She tries if the rider if he is really willing to help, "Or Kuya what if po wala akong masakyan na sasakyan, okay lang po ba kung hanggang sa amin na?" The Rider said that "Sige manghiram nalang tayo ng helmet."

After their conversation, Pia suddenly ask the rider Why did you think to give me a ride? the Rider only said that is because Pia needs help.

Since Pia saw the sincerity of the rider, Pia decided to give him the NHK Helmet. and what a coincidence the rider shared that he just borrowed the helmet that he uses.

It's proof that even we are in the middle of a pandemic, there are still some people who are exploitative and untrustworthy. But still, there are people who are willing to help those who are in need.

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