Xander Ford Threatens Awra On Twitter Against Buknoy Glamur

The viral video of Buknoy Glamur walking in the streets in the middle of the night, drunk and not wearing facemask, showing how he violates law, angered the netizens. As we all know Buknoy also became viral after belittling a tricycle driver in one of his vlogs. Now people are furious about him and his actions knowing he’s an influencer.

Awra Briguela, a 16-year-old actor and comedian reacted to Buknoy’s viral video by retweeting the post and captioned “SANA ALL NAKAKALBAS NG WALANG FACEMASK, SANA ALL NASUNOD SA PROTOCOL AT SANA ALL WALANG CURFEW YUNG LUGAR”

Both of them clashed on twitter, after answering back each other’s tweet. After that, Xander Ford joined Buknoy’s side and posted a photo of them together wearing facemask while Buknoy wears a face shield.

Xander even threatened Awra by tweeting “Gusto nyo mag labas ako ng Convo ng Idol nyo??”

Buknoy retweeted Xander’s post and added "Hoy bes wag, ayoko syang mabash   ok nayung ako nalang muna sangayon,,,  ",

however Awra didn’t think twice of fighting back and retweeted Buknoy’s post and captioned it "Ang goals ng friendship niyo ."

The three of them are now trending on social media, some netizens are expressingntheir opinion and even taking Awra’s side “Ahaha ngsanib pwersa mga patapon! Zander ford ..ano ? Pagkatapos ..ng kmayakan at npatulfo ..wala padin pagbabago ? Sabay sabi ..transgender daw sya     ..sige mgsuportahan kau ? Tawangtawa si awra sa inyo .. Go awra kaya mo yan ikaw pa   ”. Here are the netizens comments against the issue:

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