Woman Calls Out the Guy who Tries to Flex His Parents’ Money to Get Her

 In this era where communication is easier within a few clicks. Courtship has developed and change, most relationships were formed through social media. We no longer need to wait weeks, months, or even years before someone could receive your letter so they can write back, we can also check if they’ve already seen our messages yet they choose to not respond. The Internet helped us to make communication easy to start and end.

A woman named Rhea Retiza shared her experienced from a boy who tries to belittle her just because she doesn’t want to favor its request to go out with him.

She posted the screenshot of their conversation, captioned “Ayoko maging scandalous tonight but I couldn’t be more proper after reading this haha lol, sobrang prone ko naman sa mga kinulang sa yamang mga mayayabang na pangit  #basurangligawsamadalingaraw”.

In the conversation it is obvious that the boy named “Jack” asked her out but when she didn’t agree the boy told “Bakit sino ka ba” after he flaunted his car and money that she doesn’t need to pay a cent.

But Rhea stood up for herself and told “If you think I’m that type of woman you can easily grab just by flexing your parents’ investments? Please rest your balls, sit down and watch me make money for myself”. She even pointed out that she doesn’t care about his manual Vios car.

Hours after, netizens noticed her post, and lots of them especially women were proud of what she did. Rhea received praise and admiration from her fellow women. Some even told that “I love the confidence!! I stan u po ate huhu    ” 

“You are mah kinda gurlll    u mah friend is a Grace to the independent women race    ”.

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