Wide Spread of Selling Kidney Organ Online

Because of the pandemic, several people lost their jobs. Up until now, it is very hard to find a decent job to work for because the pandemic is still not over, it is harder for the people in the lower class. Survival for every day when they can do nothing because of the quarantine protocols. Macoy is one of the people experiencing this kind of struggle these days. He shared his story and explained how things are, for them since the pandemic.

He told that he lost his job when the quarantine started, they do not have any money to buy food or anything, that’s why he was forced to sell his kidney online that’s costs 300,000-500,000 thousand pesos. 

He knew it is illegal but he’s willing to take the risk and sacrifice himself. He even bravely said that "Hindi ako matatakot magbenta ng kidney kahit pandemic ngayon. Dahil kailangan ng pamilya ko. Dahil wala na kaming makain."

Things are starting to get hard because the quarantine is still ongoing and the pandemic is still happening. People are challenged to strive for everyday survival. The numbers of people that are dying because of the virus is still rising and all we can do is follow the law implemented by the government to ensure our safety and our lives.


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