Vlogger's Whole Family Tested Positive on COVID after their Dad Passed Away

 Internet Sensation and Online Influencer Bont Bryan Oropel, popularly known as “Master Hokage” told his fans and viewers about his current situation. He uploaded a vlog about their condition. He explained about his father’s condition who has heart disease and underwent an Angioplasty surgery, it is a procedure to restore blood flow through the artery. July 13 when her mom told her that his father is not feeling well, they went to the hospital and discovered that his father has pneumonia and the doctor even said that “Baka COVID ‘yan”.

They rushed his father to Manila Medical Center but they were not accommodated by the hospital even when they told that he needs to be in an isolation room. They tried to find a hospital at Bacoor but they were just forced to go home.

The night they got home, they were able to contact a hospital to reserve a room for his father, so they brought him there but the moment they were in the hospital, the people in there said that they don’t have a reserved room under his father’s name. The opposite of what they were told in the phone call.

Till his father find it hard to breathe, Bont even told that he was pleading for oxygen because the nurses can actually see what was going on but no one tried to help his suffering father. He was forced to do a CPR (cardiopulmonary resuscitation) until his father has lost his breath.

It was even indicated in his father’s certificate that he is suspected of COVID and arrived at the hospital unconscious, even though it didn’t really happen. 4 days after the incident his whole family except decided to swab test and it turned out that they are all positive until the city health center took them to isolate. He also decided to do a swab test and 5 days after, he was informed that he is also positive for COVID. Bont even described that its traumatic for them after all of what is happening.

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