Vincentiments Released their latest Rant Video "Online Class"

Because of this pandemic, a lot of students are thinking about how they'll learn through online, and not all students have the gadget to choose the online class. Vincentiments published their new rant video about the online class on Friday, August 7 which caught the attention of some teachers.

In their video, they show some circumstances that may occur during online classes. Like for example, the noise of the electric fan and the videooke of your neighbor, the commandments of your parents which will not gonna happen if your parents knew that you are in your online classes.

In their video, there is a line mocking the way of teaching of some teachers "'Di ka naman nagtuturo, pindot ka lang ng pindot". Some teachers don't want online class too, because they knew that some of their students can't pay attention in the actual face to face class what more in the online class.

Many on teaching professions went mad about the new video of Vincentiments because their video was one-sided and they didn't portray the hardship of the teachers in coping on the latest technology.

Teachers also have a hard time adapting to this new normal way of learning. They also watched seminars online and studied how to use software that's needed in their online classes. In these negative times, we need more positive influencers that will inspire us to do more good things.

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