Video of Senator Bong Revilla in the Hospital Gets Viral

Amid to what happening in our country due to pandemic. A lot of people have infected Corona Virus in different places which gave a panicked and nervous attack for other netizens. As time passed by, the number of cases of the infected virus is increasing, however, the total amount of recovery is increasing as well.

Unfortunately, we can’t skip the fact that even though we gathered lots of recoveries the case of death is slightly increasing.

Health professionals and the government still advise all citizens to do and follow protocols to lessen the transmission and also to care for our health. Recently, One of the senators was infected by the virus. Mr. Bong Revilla is now at the hospital due to his condition. Earlier this day, when Sen. Bong Revilla reported that he was infected with Corona Virus.

As the day passed by, when he was at their home they notice that Mr. Bong Revilla needs to take care of the health professionals due to the virus and his condition gets worse. There's a viral post on social media. It is a clip that Mr. Bong Revilla took a video of him while at the hospital. He's trying to speak, but it is visible that it's difficult for him to do it. Sen. Revilla was continually coughing and seen to experience difficulty in breathing.

Here's the video of Sen. Bong Revilla.

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