Tim Sawyer and China Roces Divorced Through their Live Video

Relationship is commitment, it needs two individual who is willing to work on their connection. Some were able to surpass problems a trial, and some decided to just take a different path away from each other. Just like from a famous YouTube vlogger Tim Sawyer and her spouse China Roces who became popular for their relationship vlogs.

In one of Tim’s live video, where China is the one holding the camera, she revealed the truth behind their relationship that everyone witnessed online. 

Tim started by saying “Baby nang babae ako, tapos bubugbugin pa kita na buntis ka?” china then replied “ngayon nagpapaawa ka, kasi happy ka na ha! Kasi nakuha mon a gusto mo, ginamit mo lang kami ni Timothy, kasi ready na mo ng iwan kami”. 

Lots of viewers were shocked but others were offended because they quarreled in front of the camera with 107 thousand viewers. That 21 second clip went viral.

As of now, there is no official statement from the couple but people are now having their own assumptions and theories regarding the issue. The two of them made the netizens kilig from there vlogs and video clips uploaded online. Relationship in front of the camera is really far from it’s reality behind the camera.

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