This Woman named Kikay Booba and Her Standards on Dating Boys Enraged Netizens

Kikay Booba is now trending because of her TikTok videos, she replied on the question "Ma'am are you available for a date?" She said that she's not beautiful but she only allowed 3 people to date her and she really got disappointed.

The first one who dated her took her to her into a fast food restaurant and they shared on a regular burger and regular drink and it really annoyed Kikay because she wants more than that.

She also said that she only eat Filipino, American, and Japanese cuisine and the 2nd man who dated her took her to Mexican cuisine and ordered her a Tacos and Nachos and at that time she was really hungry. "In-orderan po ako ng Tacos and Nachos eh gutom na gutom po ako that day, so kumusta naman?" Kikay said.

Kikay said that food is her life and weakness and she doesn't like any material things except for food. She also reminded those people who want to go a date with her "Kung sa food palang bagsak kana, I'm sorry I don't want to see you na. Kase gugutumin mo ako for the rest of my life." Kikay said. 

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