The Night Before Emman Nimedez's Passing Experienced by a lot of Fans

One of the members of the Team Payaman, Viy Cortez has released a collection of Lip tint that is named after each one of the members including Cong, Viy, Yow, Roger, and Emman. Some fans are purchasing the product and collecting all the shades from the collection.

Then after Emman announced his condition in one of his vlogs, the owner of Viy Line, Viy Cortez, that handles the Lip tint collection, decided to do a charity sale for Emman. That if you buy a lip tint in the shade of Emman, all of the proceeds will be handed to Emman.

But as people are continuing to patronize the tints, most of them noticed the same thing, that the lip tint named after Emman is broken when they received it. One of the fans even posted that maybe it has something to do with his death.

Because even before Emman’s passing a consumer who once bought the collection of Team Payaman lip tints posted that after receiving the package Emman’s shade among other shades, is the only tint that is broken. Fans are now having different theories and assumptions saying “Hindi ko alam kung coincidence ba.  Condolence po sa family ni Emman at sa Team Payaman #RipEmman”.

Emman Nimedez’s passing made an impact on the public, fan, or not but somewhat they admire his talent and creativity and even the kindness of his heart. Even with all the speculation, a netizen commented that “I don't know about you Sir I respect your belief but please respect the person who's resting right now di yung icoconnect nyo pa sa conspiracies.”

What do you think about the conspiracies? Is it really just a coincidence or it has something to do with what happened to Emman Nimedez?

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