Student Sells her Unclothed Photos to Pay her Enrollment Fees

Because of the effect of the pandemic in many Filipino families, some has lost their job and struggling to earn money for their survival. Now that everyone is adapting to the New normal where jobs, classes, and businesses are done online.

Some are still finding it hard to cope because their earnings are incapable to provide gadgets and the internet. Now that classes are opening this month and schools decided to conduct classes online. Students and parents strive to cope and join with the new normal.

Some are allegedly selling their bare naked photos online to earn money. Authorities are warning people doing these. But can we actually blame people who just want to survive because they feel helpless?

We acknowledge different success stories of students to strive to attain education. This is no different. They try to do everything at all costs just to survive and never stop their education.

Can we blame people that are feeling hopeless and being desperate to earn money for their living? It is immoral to some of us, maybe because we don’t know the story behind it. People must know that there is a deeper story than what we see on the page.

Source: ABS-CBN

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