Raffy Tulfo's Expensive Shoe Collection

Rafael "Raffy" Teshiba Tulfo is a Filipino broadcast journalist whose work focuses on government and private sector issues. Mr. Raffy became popular in social media because of some funny guest he had on his show. But he became more popular because of his good deeds, he loves to help other people especially those who abused by their boss, relatives, and their partner.

#RaffyTulfo is the number 1 hashtag we will see in the comment section when the post is about in need of help. A lot of us didn't notice Mr. Raffy Tulfo's sneaker because we are all focused on the story of his guest.

Right now here is the list and how much each of Mr. Raffy luxury sneaker collection that even Ms. Kris Aquino praised it.


Men's Flashtrek Sneakers with Removable Spike in 9084 Gh.wh from GUCCI

Price: Php78,053.10


Men's Super King Metallic Trainer Sneakers from DOLCE and GABBANA

Price: Php48,889.32


Run Away Pulse Sneakers from LOUIS VUITTON

Price: Php60,927.40


White and Blue Triple S Clear Sole sneakers from BALENCIAGA

Designer Style ID: 541624W09ON

Price: Php53,557.15


Basket Hi-Top Sneaker from GIVENCHY

Price: Php45,449.88


Triple S Clear Sole Sneaker in White Calfskin, lambskin, and mesh from BALENCIAGA

Price: Php58,224.98


Rhyton Worldwide Sneakers from GUCCI

Price: Php43,730.16


Sorrento Sneakers with Logo from DOLCE and GABBANA

Price: Php31,692.07


Zigzag Sneakers from LOUIS VUITTON

(Sold out)

Price: Php68,297.65


Zigzag Sneakers from LOUIS VUITTON

(Sold Out)

Price: Php64,230.96


Graphic outsize Damier pattern Latitude Slip-on (12ATDI) from LOUIS VUITTON

Price: Php34,902.61


Graphic outsize Damier pattern Latitude Slip-on (1A2TER) from LOUIS VUITTON

Price: Php34,902.61


TRIPLE-S sneaker in White Red and Black Calfskin, Lambskin and Mesh from BALENCIAGA

Price: Php49,380.69


Zigzag Sneaker (1ASHIB) from LOUIS VUITTON

Price: Php58,962.00


Track sneaker from BALENCIAGA

Price: Php44,260.16


Men's Flashtrek Removable Spikes Sneakers from GUCCI

Price: Php28,124.65


Men's Diamond Crystal Shimmer Suede Trainers with Crystal Application and Chunky Platform from JIMMY CHOO.

Price: Php230,722.52

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